I. Overview

Speedpdf.com is abbreviated as "Speedpdf" in this rule. Users using Speedpdf service are abbreviated as "you" or "Speedpdf user" or "user".
You confirm that before you register as a Speedpdf user to accept Speedpdf services, or before you actually use Speedpdf services in other ways that Speedpdf allows, you have fully read, understood and accepted all the contents of this rule. Once you use Speedpdf services, you agree to follow the conventions of this rule.

Speedpdf reminds you to read carefully and fully understand the provisions of this rule, especially in bold parts. If you have any questions about the terms of this rule, please inquire through Speedpdf customer service channel. Speedpdf will explain the terms to you.

II. Content of Rules

1. Fees

Speedpdf users use services including but not limited to the following (hereinafter referred to as "charging services"), Speeppdf has the right to charge users.
(1) Membership recharge: including but not limited to VIP recharge, Credit recharge.
(2) Other charges introduced by Speedpdf.

2. Charge Standard

(1) VIP recharge payment:
VIP pays on time. Each VIP package contains a certain amount of Credits. This Credit is valid for the corresponding VIP time. Please refer to the product price page for details.
(2) Credit Purchase Payment:
Credit pays by quantity. The redits purchased on that day are valid only for that day. Please refer to the product price page for details.
(3) Speedpdf editor pays:
Speedpdf Editor pays according to the length of time, and after purchase, it will only be used on the current equipment. Please refer to the product price page specifically.

3. Deduction Rules

Document conversion is deducted according to the size of the document.
The specific price is as follows:
0 < Document < =5M - > Deduct 1 Credit
5M < Document <= 10M - - > Deduct 2 Credits
10M < Document <= 20M - - > Deduct 3 Credits
20M< Document < =30M - > Deduct 4 Credits
30M < Document < =50M - - > Deduct 5 Credits
50M < Document < =70M - - > Deduct 6 Credits
70M < Document <= 90M - - > Deduct 7 Credits
For documents over 90M, please contact our customer service for conversion: Email: support@spdpedf.com or Skype: spdpdf.

III. Fee Tips

(1) You can check the charged fees and other information by login to Speedpdf website or client.
(2) Speedpdf may not prompt you about the fees you should pay for using the service when you use the fee-paying service. You should calculate the service fees you should pay according to the rules and the corresponding fee standards.
(3) Unless you can submit sufficient evidence to the contrary to prove that the Speedpdf system platform record is incorrect, you agree that the Speedpdf system platform record is the basis of the data such as the use record of Speedpdf service, the transaction amount and the fee to be paid to Speedpdf. If you have any doubts about the amount of fees charged by Speedpdf, please raise doubts with Speedpdf within three days after the charges occur to help Speedpdf to verify further.
(4) Any change in the name of the service specified in Article 2 of these Rules shall not affect your obligation to pay the service fee when using the service.