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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our website.
Speedpdf respects your right to privacy in the online world when you use our websites and communicate electronically with us. We take all necessary measures to ensure any personal information you give us is kept secure.
It is fundamentally important that you are informed that the Speedpdf is the Data Controller of your personal information.
We asked ourselves a number of key questions that we believe you would like answered about the personal information that you submit to Speedpdf. These answers will inform you of your rights relating to your personal information and the measures taken to maintain the privacy and security of this personal information. We trust you find this information helpful.
If you have any requests concerning your personal information or any queries with regard to these practices please contact Speedpdf at the address given below.

Key Questions and Answers

1. What personal information does the Speedpdf collect through its websites and how is it collected?

In brief: If you use our services, we will collect among other things, your IP address. We do not access your files, copy or back them up.
By visiting any domain or subdomain of, your IP address and other usage metrics will be logged along with the dates and times of access. If you purchase software via our website, we may collect from you personal data about your names, email address. Please keep in mind that PayPal may collect credit card information about you. We neither collect nor have access to such information. Before providing any personal data to PayPal please make sure that you have read their privacy policies.
If you register a Pro account, we may collect your name, address and related information like VAT number, occupation etc. and a. All financial transactions related to the use of Pro accounts are handled through PayPal. Any personal information provided by you to PayPal will be processed by them in accordance with their privacy policies. We kindly request you to provide your personal information to PayPal only after reviewing their privacy policies and understanding what types of personal information they will collect from you. Please note that we DO NOT store your payment information. PayPal handle all the steps in the payment process on their websites, including data collection and data processing.

2. How does the Speedpdf keep your personal information secure?

In brief: We do a lot to make our service as secure as possible.
Speedpdf takes all necessary measures to keep your personal information private and secure. Only authorized Speedpdf staff have access to your personal information. All Smallpdf staff who have access to your personal information are required to adhere to Speedpdf’s Privacy Policy. In addition, contracts are in place with third-party companies that have access to your personal information, to make sure this information remains secure. To ensure your personal information is protected, Speedpdf maintains a secure IT environment and has the appropriate measures in place to prevent unauthorised access (i.e. hacking). All communication and file transfers to and from our server are encrypted with SSL. Passwords for the Pro accounts are never stored in plain text and are encrypted on secure third party services and no one has access to them.

3. What purposes does Speedpdf use your personal information for?

In brief: We use your personal data to provide you with high-quality services. Your privacy is our priority. So, we would not use your data for unlawful purposes.
We do log your IP address and other usage metrics for administration and analytical purposes to improve our products We use the email address collected by you to communicate with you. If you provide us with personal data when purchasing software, we will use that data to issue a software license to you, provide you with a customer support, or issue a refund to you.
All information collected in respect to the registration of your Pro account will be used solely for: (1) providing you with an invoice; (2) allowing you to pay the fees for using your Pro account; (3) managing your Pro account; (4) sending you promotional emails; and (5) delivering our newsletter to you.
If you would like to stop receiving promotional emails from us, please send an email to with the word “Unsubscribe” in the subject line.

4. Who does Speedpdf disclose your personal information to and why?

In brief: We share some of your personal data with others in order to provide you with our services. Don’t worry. We would not sell your data or give it to spammers. And we never share or copy your documents uploaded or created on
Speedpdf will never share your personal information with any Third Party business organisation that intends to use it for direct marketing purposes unless you have given us specific permission to do so.
Speedpdf may share your personal information with Third Parties, but only in the strictly limited circumstances set out below:
We may supply your personal information to Third Parties (such as our internet service providers) who help us administer our websites. Some of these business partners may be located outside Switzerland. These Third Parties must at all times provide the same levels of security for your personal information as Speedpdf and are bound by a legal agreement to keep your personal information private and secure and to process it only according to Speedpdf’s specific instructions.
We may also supply your personal information to government bodies and law enforcement agencies if: we are required to do so by applicable law; or, if in our good faith judgment, such action is reasonably necessary to comply with legal procedures; to respond to any legal claims or actions; or to protect the rights of Smallpdf or its customers and the public.

5. How can you see, check, change or delete the Personal Information you send to us?

In brief: If you would like to access, modify, or delete your personal data, just contact us.
We allow you to access, modify, or delete the personal data collected by us. If you would like to do so, please contact us at We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Please note that uploaded and processed files are never stored longer than one week on our servers and are then deleted permanently. During this time, your files are not accessed, copied, analyzed or anything else unless you provide us with the explicit written permission to do so. Please do not contact us for deleting files because they are always deleted automatically within a time period of one week commencing on the time when you upload them on

6. How do we store User Files and generated Data

In brief: All files are deleted after one week. No backups are made and no one has access to your files.
All the files uploaded for processing on are stored on an appropriate server infrastructure for processing and the download afterwards. All user-uploaded files as well as the converted output files will be deleted one week after upload or conversion respectively. We keep the files for the sole purpose of giving you enough time to download them. During that time, we don’t look at the files or mine any data from them. No backups are made of any uploaded files nor their processed output neither are the contents monitored without the explicit permission of user.

7. Why do we track Errors?

In brief: We track errors to improve our product.
Although we put our best efforts to ensure the best quality of our services, sometimes our website may experience tough moments. We use specific services in order to track errors on that affect our customers. We do not provide such services with personal information about our users.

8. How long does Speedpdf keep your personal information?

In brief: We keep your personal data only until it is needed for the provision of our services or required by law.
Please note that uploaded and processed files are never stored longer than one week on our servers and then are deleted permanently. During this time your files are not accessed, copied, analyzed or anything else except we have the explicit permission of the user for example for a support case.
We will keep your personal data for as long as it is necessary to provide you with our services. If your personal data is no longer necessary, we can keep it in an identifiable form for maximum one year. However, we are obliged by the Swiss law to keep invoices and transactional data for more than 10 years.
Please bear in mind that, if you cancel a Pro account, we will not delete the personal data provided by you when registering the Pro account.

9. Can Speedpdf change the terms of this Privacy Policy?

In brief: If you use our website, you agree with this Privacy Policy. Changes of this Privacy Policy may occur and will be made available to you.
By using our website, you allow us to collect, delete, use, and share your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
Speedpdf may occasionally make changes and corredctions to this Privacy Notice. Please check this Privacy Policy regularly to see the changes and how these may affect you.

10. IMPORTANT – Why do I have to accept the terms of this Privacy Notice?

Speedpdf uses the Internet to collect and process your personal information. This naturally involves the processing and transmission of your personal information across borders.
This Privacy Notice provides you with all necessary information (in an easily accessible way) to make an informed choice as to whether to use our websites and to send your personal information to Speedpdf or not.
Therefore, by browsing our websites and communicating electronically with us, you acknowledge and agree to our Processing of your (indirect) personal information (cookies, connection and system information) in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy.
If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy please contact Speedpdf by using the email and we will be pleased to assist you with any additional queries you may have.